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Mediation, arbitration, and consulting services for a better, faster, less expensive, and more durable custom solution parties can design themselves.

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Scholze ADR

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After nearly ten years working in litigation, Ingrid became discouraged that formal litigation was letting clients down.  Many were not achieving their goals in a timely, cost-effective, and lasting way through litigation. 


Litigation is often not the best route to a successful solution—instead, it can be a means to an expensive, time-consuming, and unknown end. Litigations often become mired in expensive discovery and complicated court battles with delay after delay. 


Moreover, litigation can be a blunt tool, inadequate to addressing the nuances of a client's unique needs.  Even at the end of a successful litigation, clients could find themselves not fully satisfied with winning outcomes that proved to be tardy, inadequate, and incomplete.

Scholze ADR LLC was founded to provide a better solution—innovative, insightful, and achievable outcomes through alternative dispute resolution.

Ingrid Scholze is a mediator, arbitrator, and ADR consultant with discerning judgment, strong perceptive communication skills, and a passion for finding creative solutions. 

  • Ingrid is a facilitative mediator who has the skills, training and background to include transformative or evaluative mediation approaches in her practice. 

  • She is a knowledgeable and experienced litigator who has the legal background to sit as arbitrator across a wide array of commercial disputes. 

  • Ingrid can also help your company or organization design an internal dispute resolution function that allows employees and contractors to access mediation with a third-party neutral in resolving disputes—empowering solutions that work for all without involving the power imbalances of HR-run investigations and adjudications.

Ingrid's experience in commercial litigation sets her apart.  Ingrid brings together a litigator's eye for detail and precision with a problem-solver's creative thinking and discerning judgment.  She has nearly a decade of experience in litigation, and she understands the needs and concerns of potential litigants.  She also understands the challenges they face in resolving their disputes through formal avenues.

Ingrid has broad and deep experience in all aspects of litigation—from claim analysis and electronic discovery through motion practice, trial, and appeal.  After working in white-collar criminal defense, she spent more than seven years litigating complex, high-stakes disputes at Quinn Emanuel Urquhart & Sullivan, LLP, one of the most sought-after, and feared, business litigation firms in the world.  During her time as a party advocate, Ingrid's practice focused on complex commercial disputes involving clients in the financial services, energy, insurance, and healthcare industries, as well as those seeking advice in antitrust and regulatory matters.  She has experience in all phases of litigation, arbitration, and mediation, including evaluating claims, obtaining fact and expert discovery, briefing motions, and preparing for and participating in negotiations, mediations, arbitrations, hearings, and trials.  Ingrid has a B.A. from Columbia University and a J.D. from the University of Chicago Law School.


Alternative Dispute Resolution

Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) refers to any procedure that empowers parties to a dispute to reach a solution outside of traditional litigation, often involving the assistance of a third party neutral. 

Scholze ADR provides mediationarbitration, and consulting services to help parties design the right process for resolving their unique dispute.  

Ingrid had her first experiences with mediation and arbitration as a party advocate, and she was impressed by the advantages ADR can provide to clients who are looking to resolve their disputes in a timely and cost-effective way, but who also want to be sure that they are staying in the driver's seat in determining the process and procedures for creating a solution.


Mediation Services

Mediation is the single best way to stay in the driver’s seat and determine your own destiny in a dispute; it can provide creative, confidential, tailored solutions that are not available to you in court. 


Mediation allows the parties to a dispute to maintain complete control over the decision of whether to mediate, the process and procedures of the mediation, and the scope, substance, and sustainability of the outcome.  Mediation can help parties narrow the issues in dispute, gather information, and identify possible solutions—mediation can help resolve your dispute even if mediation is just a rest stop in a longer process.

Mediation allows parties to:


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Ingrid is a Part 146 qualified New York mediator with a specialization in commercial mediation.  She has the skills and background to handle your dispute.  Ingrid primarily utilizes a facilitative approach to mediation, but she is also able to draw on her experience acting as counsel to give parties a grounded an independent assessment of the strengths and weaknesses of their positions, allowing diverging expectations to be tested as part of a hybrid facilitative-evaluative mediation approach, if the parties agree.  She removes her ego from the process and puts the parties front and center.  Ingrid brings fresh, innovative thinking, technological acumen, and insightful perceptive skills to her work.  She is dedicated to helping parties achieve success through clear communication and creative settlement design.


Arbitration Services

Arbitration allows the parties to a dispute to invite an outside decision-maker to assist in resolving the dispute, in a manner and under rules agreed upon by all the parties. 


In arbitration, the parties maintain control over their decision to arbitrate, the rules of the arbitration, and the selection of the arbitrator (or arbitrators), but the arbitrator makes the ultimate decision about how to resolve the matter. 

Arbitration allows parties to:




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